METIS is the support structure for International Institute of World Music (IIWM). It has been accompanying the Institute throughout its development and is participating in this way to its emergence.

The aim of METIS is to facilitate, to enhance and to promote :

> Professional actions and activities or professionalization in process, in fields, such as artistical, cultural, sports, educational and social relationships.
> Training of women, men and children
> Participation in cultural and/or sport events, and even in social and professional integration.

Dr Hyung Suk MOON – Honorary President
Jade GISCARD d’ESTAING – Sponsor / Godmother
André MANOUKIAN – Sponsor / Godfather
Hacène LARBI – Musical Consellor



    > Dorsaf HAMDANI (Oriental song)
    > Sandra BESSIS (Song of the Sephardic Judeo-Spanish tradition and associated repertoires)
    >Fouad DIDI (Arab-Andalusian music from Algeria)
    > Sami SADAK (Ethnomusicologist)
    > Victor Hugo VILLENA (Bandoneon)
    > Facundo TORRES (Bandoneon)
    > Cristina VILALLONGA (Sung Tango)
    > Levon MINASSIAN (Doudouk)
    > Cristiano NASCIMENTO (Guitar from Brazil)
    > Maria-Inês GUIMARAES (Piano and improvisation)
    > Jorge LINENBOURG (Ethnomusicologist & musician)
    > Milena JELIAZKOVA (Bulgarian songs: polyphonic and monodic)
    > Maya MIHNEVA (Bulgarian dance: coded & improvised)
    > Milena ROUDEVA (Bulgarian Orthodox sacred songs)
    > Emmanuel FRIN (Gaïda: Repertoire of Bulgaria)
    > Nan JIANG (Gu Zheng)
    > Yan LI (Ehru)
    > François PICARD (Ethnomusicologist)
    > Maria SIMOGLOU (Songs of Greece and Asia Minor) // Head of the Department
    > Arthur RENDU (Repertoires of Greece: Theory & practice)
    > Maria KANAVAKI (Cretan repertoire)
    > Maria ZOPOUNIDES (Greek language)
    > Jean-Alex BENETTO (Greek dance)
    > Evgènios VOULGARIS (Modes and improvisation) / Musician and teacher at the Department of Traditional Music of Epirus
    > Yiannis DIONYSIOU (Singing and vocal improvisation) / Artist specialized in the folkloric repertoire  Greek
    > Els JANSSENS (Medieval song)
    > Henri AGNEL (Interpretation of music, from the Middle Ages to Baroque Period)
    > Maitryee MAHATMA (Kathak, Indian Dance)
    > Nabankhur BHATTACHARIA (Tabla)
    > Henri TOURNIER (Music of India & improvisation strategies)
  • KURDISH and PERSIAN Worlds
    > Shadi FATHI (Persian classical music)
    > Keyvan CHEMIRANI (Rhythms and improvisations in Persian and Indian modality)
    > Johanni CURTET (Khöömii Overtone singing from Mongolia)
    > Mandakhjargal DAANSUREN (Morin Khuur)
    > Valérie MONDÉSIR, Professor of the Marseille Conservatory “Pierre Barbizet”, INSEAMM establishment
    > Violaine SULTAN, Professor of the Marseille Conservatory “Pierre Barbizet”, INSEAMM establishment


• Anne BATTINI: Director of studies at the Conservatoire “Pierre BARBIZET” of Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
• Valérie FLORAC: Piano teacher & vocal conductor at the Conservatoire “Pierre BARBIZET” in Marseille, INSEAMM establishment & Pedagogical coordinator for the IIWM
• Isabelle RENUCCI: International Relations Officer and internship monitoring for the S.A.T.I.S Department of Aix-Marseille University
• Margaret DECHENAUX: Educational Director of the IIWM

• Margaret DECHENAUX, for the IIWM
• Corinne ZITO, Disability Project Manager for the City of Aubagne

• Margaret DECHENAUX, for the IIWM


  • Jean-Luc BONNET: Vice-President of IIWM, Treasuror of IESM, Mayor of Vins-sur-Caramy
  • Clo COINEL: Guitar professor
  • Fouad DIDI: Artist and teacher at the National Conservatory with regional coverage at Toulon and at the “Cité de la musique” at Marseille
  • Fabrice DUBOIS: Deputy and educational director at the Martigues Conservatory
  • Philippe FANISE: Formerly Artistic Director of the Centers and missions of music and traditional dances of the world, integrated to the Regional Agencies of the Performing Arts (Aram-Lr and ARCADE)
  • Claude FREISSINIER: Director of Arts and Music in Provence
  • Stéphanie GUY-AUBERT: Music Professor at the Aix-Marseille Academy
  • Jean-François HÉRON: Choir and orchestra conductor
  • Jean-Marie JACONO: Musicologist & Head of International Relations at the Department of Arts at the University of Marseille
  • Nicolas JOURNOT: Deputy Director of the Conservatoire “Pierre Barbizet” of Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Olivier METAY: Pedagogical Manager of Musical Training at the “Pierre Barbizet” Conservatory of Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Florence MORALI: Co-head of the Cultural Management License at the Nice Academy
  • Sami SADAK: Ethnomusicologist


  • Françoise ATLAN: Permanent speaker of the IIWM in Spanish-Judeo Songs and Music & Early Music / Artist, singer, teacher of music education, singing and piano
  • Philippe AZOULAY: Guitar teacher at the Conservatory “Pierre Barbizet” at Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Anne BATTINI: Pedagogical Director of the Conservatory “Pierre Barbizet” at Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Nabankur BHATTACHARYA: Tablas Master
  • Gerard BERTIN : Khöömii teacher
  • Vincent BEER ASK: Artist, composer and mandolin teacher at the Conservatory “Pierre Barbizet” at Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Jean-Luc BONNET: Former Director of Cultural Affairs & Director of the Conservatory at the City of Aubagne
  • Johanni CURTET: Khöömii – Overtone singing from Mongolia.
  • Magali DAMONTE: Mezzosoprano, Professor of Lyric Art at the Conservatory “Pierre Barbizet” at Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Margaret DECHENAUX : Pedagogical Director & Founder of IIWM
  • Emilie DELORME: Director of the “Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse” at Paris
  • Fouad DIDI: Artist and professor of “Arab-Andalusian” music at the IIWM, the National Conservatory with Regional coverage at Toulon and the “Cité de la Musique” at Marseille.
  • Batsükh DORJ: Master in Mongolian and Tuva Overtone Singing
  • Michel DUFETEL: Former general Coordinator and Programmer of the World Music Pole in Marseille
  • Shadi FATHI: Artist, composer and teacher in “Persian Classical Music” at the IIWM
  • Philippe FANISE: Former Artistic Director of the Centers and Missions of Traditional Music and Dances of the World, integrated into the Regional Agencies of Performing Arts (Aram-Lr and Arcade)
  • Valérie FLORAC: Professor of piano & vocal conductor at the Conservatoire “Pierre Barbizet” at Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Séverine FORGERONT: Director of the Conservatory with communal coverage for music, dance & dramatical Art, at Aubagne
  • Charles FOURMENT: Head of the Musicology degree at Aix-Marseille University
  • Emmanuel FRIN: Bulgarian music teacher (clarinet, saxophone, gaïda). Graduated in Bulgarian language and music (Plovdiv Academy).
  • Fabio FURIA: Bandoneononist, composer, arranger
  • André GABRIEL: Former professor of galoubet-tambourine, traditional music at the Conservatory “Pierre Barbizet” at Marseille, INSEAMM establishment and the ENM at Avignon, musicologist, organologist
  • Yves GUENON: Pianist, specialist in Brazilian music
  • Marie Inês GUIMARAES: President of the Cub Choro de Paris, President of Cebramusik, professor of piano and free improvisation at the Conservatory at Antony, pianist
  • Cécile GUYE: teacher in contemporary dance at the Conservatory at Aubagne
  • Dorsaf HAMDANI : Artiste & professor of “Oriental Singing” at the IIWM
  • Jean-François HERON: Choir and orchestra conductor
  • Raphaël IMBERT: Artist & Director of the Conservatory “Pierre Barbizet” at Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Jean-Marie JACONO: Musicologist & Head of International Relations at the Department of Arts at the Aix-Marseille University / Lecturer / Specialist in the sociology of musical works of the Russian opera and modern popular music.
  • Jean-Emmanuel JACQUET: Musicologist, choir director, conductor, of the Conservatory “Pierre BARBIZET” at Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Els JANSSENS : Artist & professor of “Medieval Singing” at the IIWM
  • Nan JIANG : Artist & professor of “Gu Zheng and Chinese Music” at the IIWM
  • Nicolas JOURNOT: Deputy Director of the Conservatory “Pierre Barbizet” at Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Nazar KHAN: artist and master of Sitar
  • Ourania LAMPROPOULOU: Artist composer & musicologist specialized in Greek and Asian Minor music
  • Yan LI: Artist and teacher in Ehru
  • Claire LUZI: Artist, singer & musician (mandolin, voice, melodica, accordion, percussion)
  • Eric MARESCA: Piano teacher / Choir and orchestra conductor / Conservatory at Aubagne
  • Jean-Marie MARTIN: Honorary Consul of Bulgaria for the Southern and Languedoc Roussillon region
  • Maya MINHEVA: Director of the Art School at Ubaye, graduated in traditional Bulgarian folk dances (Plovdiv Academy)
  • Sarah MOHA: dancer, choreographer & flamenco teacher
  • Éric MONTBEL: professor of ethnomusicology and anthropology musical history at the University of Aix-en-Provence.
  • Alain NEGREL: Musician, conductor, clarinetist & Deputy Director of the Aubagne Conservatory
  • Nathalie NEGRO: pianist and artistic director of Piano and Co
  • Christiane PRIGUL: Director of the Confucius Institute at Montpellier
  • Arthur RENDU: Teacher of modal theory at the IIWM
  • Milena ROUDEVA: Singer, composer and arranger for the Balkans quartet and the Henri AGNEL Co.
  • Diego TROSMAN: Artist and teacher in “Tango Guitar”
  • Sami SADAK: Ethnomusicologist
  • Jérôme SALOMON: Artist and percussionist specialized in Greek and Balkan music
  • Monji SELMI: General inspector for Education at the Ministry of Culture in Tunisia
  • Maria SIMOGLOU: Songs of Greece and Asia Minor
  • Amine SOUFARI: musician, pianist, composer and choir director
  • Bo SU: Director of the Confucius Institute Côte d’Azur (Chinese Representative)
  • Violaine SULTAN: Professor of viola and musical training at the Conservatoire “Pierre Barbizet” of Marseille, INSEAMM establishment
  • Alain VERA: Honorary Consul of Brazil
  • Wang YAQI : Chinese History’s Specialist and instruments of traditional chinese music
  • Farid ZEBROUNE: Artist and musician specialized in the repertoire of Arab-Andalusian music (mandola, banjo)


  • Christian MARTINEZ, President
  • Jean-Luc BONNET, Vice-President
  • Florence LOESEL, Treasurer
  • Christian LEFORT, Secretary
  • Laurence FANTONE, Administrator
  • Isabelle RENUCCI, Administrator
  • Jean-Christophe HUMBERT, Administrator
  • Philippe-Louis RULLIER, Administrator
  • Josiane CHATAIN, Honorary Member


  • Margaret DECHENAUX, Managing Director & Founder of IIWM
  • Nadine PANTALEO, Administrative and educational assistant
  • Léa AMADOR, Coordinator of pedagological and cultural projects


  • Augustin AUBERT, Editor
  • Jean-David BOSCOUZAREIX, Digital Consultant
  • Antoine CAILLET, Webmaster
  • Alice CHIREUX, Graphic designer
  • Linda KRIKORIAN, Logistics Coordination
  • Fatiha LAKHDARI, Coordination
  • Agnès MENABREAZ, Photography
  • Cécile ROBERT, Communication & Development Officer
  • Marie ROZET, In charge of relations with the public & ticketing
  • Perrine SEGHIER, Press officer


  • Léa AMADOR, Cultural Mediator (December 16, 2022 to August 16, 2023)
  • Clara LOUATI, Cultural Mediator (March 23 to November 22, 2021)


  • Nelson DELHAYE (December 12 to 16, 2022)
  • Céline MALFAIT (August 24 to October 30, 2020)
  • Clarisse BARBARIN (December 16 to 20, 2019)
  • Clara MAJCICA (May 14 to July 16, 2018)
  • Shady EL GOHARY (April 9 to August 3, 2018)
  • Pauline BEDON (May 9 to July 9, 2017)
  • Axelle GORGE (January 18 to May 17, 2016)
  • Adélie AGUILA (January 4 to 17, 2016)
  • Marilyn HAZAN (December 14 to 18, 2015)