METIS is the support structure for International Institute of World Music (IIWM). It has been accompanying the Institute throughout its development and is participating in this way to its emergence.

The aim of METIS is to facilitate, to enhance and to promote :

> Professional actions and activities or professionalization in process, in fields, such as artistical, cultural, sports, educational and social relationships.
> Training of women, men and children
> Their involvement in cultural or sport events, and even in social and professional integration.


Identities of our Honorary Chairman and Sponsor will be revealed soon.

  • Christian MARTINEZ, President
  • Florence LOESEL, Treasurer
  • Christian LEFORT, Secretary
  • Laurence FANTONE, Administrator
  • Jean-Christophe HUMBERT, Administrator
  • Philippe-Louis RULLIER, Administrator
  • Josiane CHATAIN, Honor Member


  • Margaret PIU-DECHENAUX, Managing Director, Founder of IIWM
  • Johanna AUCLAIR, Management Assistant
  • Cécile ROBERT, Communication and development officer
  • Perrine SEGHIER, Press officer
  • Marie ROZET, Public relations & ticket sales
  • Linda KRIKORIAN, Logistic coordination
  • Alice CHIREUX, Graphic designer
  • Fatiha LAKHDARI, Coordinator
  • Agnès MENABREAZ, Photographier
  • Wafa OUALD, Communication officer and project coordination
  • Gabriele SPATH, Translator


  • Françoise ATLAN [Judaeo-Spanish Songs & Musics & Ancient Music]
  • Fouad DIDI [Arabic-Andalousian Music]
  • Pierre-Marie CHEMLA [Gregorian chant & ancient notation]
    // Teacher at CNRR Marseille
  • Valerie FLORAC [Musical education] // Teacher at CRC Aubagne & IIWM
  • Milena JELIAZKOVA  [Traditional, monodic, polyphonic bulgarian songs]
  • Maitryee MAHATMA [Kathak dance]
  • Maya MIHNEVA [Bulgarian coded, improvised and singing dances]
  • Lévon MINASSIAN [Doudouk]
  • Valérie MONDESIR  [Musical training chant] // Teacher at CNRR Marseille
  • Cristiano NASCIMENTO [Brazilian guitare]
  • Ourania LAMPROPOULOU [Repertoires from Greece / Practice and theory]
  • Maria SIMOGLOU [Greek and Asia Minor songs]
  • Violaine SULTAN [Musical education] // Teacher at CNRR Marseille
  • Victor Hugo VILLENA [Bandoneon]
  • Sissy ZHOU [Ancient chinese music & GU Zheng)


  • Jean-Luc BONNET, Cultural director & director of the conservatory of Aubagne
  • Clo COINEL, Guitar teacher
  • Fouad DIDI, Artist and teacher at the National conservatory of Toulon and at the Cité de la musique in Marseille
  • Valérie FLORAC, Piano teacher and choirmaster at the National conservatory of Marseille
  • Stéphanie GUY-AUBERT, Music teacher at Aix-Marseille academy
  • Jean-François HÉRON, Choirmaster and conductor
  • Jean-Marie JACONO, Musicologist & head of international relations in the Art
  • Nicolas JOURNOT, Administrator at CNRR Marseille
  • Céline LE CORROLLER, Former head of partnerships at the Institute of political science, Aix-en-Provence
  • Olivier METAY, Educational coordination at CNRR Marseille
  • Florence MORALI, Deputy chief of the bachelor’s degree in Cultural management at the Nice Academy
  • Isabelle RENUCCI, Chief of the bachelor’s degree at the S.A.T.I.S department at Aix-Marseille University


  • Olivier METAY, Educationel Director at CNRR Marseille
  • Sami SADAK, Ethnomusicologist & artistic director of Babel Med Music
  • Philippe FANISE, Artistic director of the traditional world Music and Dance, within the regional agencies for performing art (Aram-Lr and Arcade)
  • Claude FREISSINIER, Director of Arts et Musiques in Provence
  • Entire team of teachers at IIWM & Ad hoc teachers


  • Clara MAJCICA
  • Shady EL GOHARY
  • Pauline BEDON
  • Marily HAZAN
  • Adélie AGUILA
  • Axelle GORGE
  • Clarisse BARBARIN