Health protocol



As of March 14, 2022, the presentation of the  health/vaccination pass and the wearing of masks are no longer required

• Hand washing is mandatory when entering, either at the sanitary facilities or at the terminals.
A distance of 1 m must be respected between students on the ground floor, in halls, corridors and corridors
• Barrier gestures must be respected: Download the poster on barrier gestures

  • Students must not come before class or stay at the conservatory after class
    • Sustained attention is paid to the ventilation of the rooms (fresh air not recycled). Regular ventilation times without students are provided, including 10 to 15 min. on the class times of each group class (provide early exit)
    • Disinfection of the room is carried out as soon as we are informed that a student confirmed positive case covid-19 has had classes there.
    • The verification of compliance with barrier gestures and this health protocol is systematically carried out as soon as we are informed of a student who has tested positive for covid-19 and has had a course at the conservatory, in order to identify any student contact cases (that is to say, having been in contact for more than 15 minutes with a student who is a positive case without respect for barrier gestures and this health protocol)

• The absence of a student must be systematically, rigorously and immediately reported when it is related to covid-19. Like any absence it is to be done with the email address, indicating us in which situation you are
• You have symptoms associated with those of covid-19 (fever, cough, headache, body aches …): it is advisable to warn us without delay and not to come to the conservatory or the IIMM without prior advice from your doctor.
• You are in contact case and in isolation: it is advisable to notify us without delay and not to come to the IIMM until the end of your isolation.
• You have tested positive and entered isolation: it is advisable not to come to the IIMM and to report this  situation to us without delay so that we can assess and prevent possible contact cases within the conservatory.

  • Your return is only possible at the end of your isolation period:
    > with the need to do a negative pre-test just before returning
    > without the need to do a prior test if you are a proven case (the test remaining positive after recovery)
    > without the need to do a prior test in the absence of symptoms if your child is under 6 years old


The rules of distancing according to the instrument for the students:
Musical training, musical information and creation and various theoretical disciplines
distance of 1m between the students
Any instrument except winds (strings, keyboards, percussions, guitares and harps…): distance of 1 m between the students
Winds: distance of 2 m between each student
Adult vocal ensembles: distance of 1m
For all sung moments (non-lyrical): distance of 2 m between students
Orchestra / harmonies / ensembles…  : distance varying from 1 m to 2 m depending on the instrument

The rules of distancing according to the instrument for the students:
• 1 m of distancing with the instrumentalists
• 2 m of distancing with the wind instrumentalists
• 2 m of distancing with the singers (these distances also apply to teachers of adult singer students, choral conductors  and conductors).

– Possible lightening of course salt pans: reduction of the number of tables in favor of desks

– Marking on the ground of a standard distance of 1 m and 2 m in each room to help respect distancing

– Online and/or quinconce spatial organization – never face to face

– Privilégier a musical intensity not exceeding the mezzo-forte with student singers or wind instrumentalists to limit the production of aerosol, also in the theater for the youngest.

– Apart from shared instruments (piano – harp and percussions): no loan or exchange of instruments between students


> Distancing rules:
• Distance 2 m between students (play square per student of 4 m²)
Distance 2 m between the teacher (or accompanying person) and the students

> Wearing a mask:
• It is no longer mandatory in compliance with the distance of 2 m

> Hand washing (soap or hydro-alcoholic gel) is mandatory before and after the course

> Changing rooms are open with 1m distance between students and wearing a mask from 6 years old

> The practice of dancing barefoot and hands on the ground is allowed

> Great dance routes, group movements are prohibited

> Postural corrections by physical contact are prohibited

> Floor work on mats or personal fabrics of the student (yoga mat for example) is possible

> Duration of the courses: all classes are reduced on average by 10 min. over 1h30 to allow student circulation, ventilation / ventilation of studios and cleaning of contact surfaces

> Contact surfaces (dance bars, audio instrument equipment) will be disinfected between each class by teachers