To celebrate its 4th year of existence, the khöömii course initiated by IIWM and Johanni Curtet is inviting you to Mongolia. A unique opportunity to develop your practice in the land of diphonic singing!

The course begins with two days in an institution in the capital, Ulan Bator, with a master who is emblematic of academic teaching, and continues for a week in the Altai, in one of the regions where khöömii originated, with a holder of the rural tradition. Accompanied by Johanni Curtet, where he has been learning and researching for the past 20 years, this master class will address a number of topics, from the connection with nature and the nomadic lifestyle to urban and contemporary realities.


This course is reserved for initiates or people who already have a basic knowledge of diphonic vocal technique. This course is not open to beginners or newcomers.



Johanni CURTET
Johanni Curtet is a musician, ethnomusicologist, teacher of overtone singing and producer. Trained first by Tran Quang Hai, his traditional learning was provided to him by D. Tserendavaa in the Altai Steppes, and B. Odsüren at the University of Arts and Culture of Ulaanbaatar. He teaches Khöömii at the Philharmonie of Paris, the University Rennes 2, Le Pont Supérieur, DROM; in festivals such as Les Suds in Arles, Les Orientales, for professional musicians (Camille), the associative network in amateur practice, and recently at United States universities on the East Coast. Apart from his main trio, Meïkhâneh, he has played with Voix du Sahel (C. Zekri, Y. Moumouni…); in trio with Tserendavaa & Tsogtgerel, in Urbi&Orbi by Pierrick Lefranc (with X. Dessandre Navarre, J. Florent, S. Bernardo, J.-B. Henry) or the electric opera Eve futures by Alain Basso (with É. Trémolière, L. Tejeda…). As a researcher, he is a temporary employee and attached to the University Rennes 2. In 2010, he participated in the inscription of Mongolian Khöömii on the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity at UNESCO.

• Une Anthologie du khöömii mongol, (2017, Buda Musique/Routes Nomades)

Voyage en Diphonie, de J.-F. Castell (2018, Les Films du rocher)


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Texts : Johanni Curtet
Copyright photos : © Sh. Nomindari