Une méthode innovante pour la pratique du Oud oriental.

Contenu général

Cette méthode originale d’enseignement permet d’acquérir le style d’Omar Bashir et d’apprendre rapidement sa technique de picking (risha). Une méthode unique que seul Omar Bashir lui-même peut enseigner.

Conditions de participation

  • Connaissance minimum en oud oriental requise
  • Oud accordé en modes orientaux (C.D.G.C.F.F. ou F.C.D.G.C.F.)



At the age of seven Omar joined the Baghdad Music and Ballet School where he made his Oud solo debut at the age of nine, performing solo at the Baghdad Conservatory.

In his late teens he became teacher at the Baghdad Music and Ballet school, setting up his own band of 24 musicians specialising in classical Iraqi music. In 1991 Omar’s parents moved back to Hungary, where Omar studied piano, singing and direction of choir at the Liszt Ferenc University, continuing to work and perform alongside his father.

Omar debut with his father was in 1983 when Omar was thirteen. Seven years on, Omar was now performing internationally alongside his father until Munir Bashir’s death in 1997.

The father and son international performances included various countries in the Arab world, Russia, Turkey, USA, Canada and Europe.

The death of his father marked a turning point in Omar Bashir’s musical career. His creative search experimenting and exploring various instruments alongside Oud led to collaborations with many international artists, He was granted the copyright by Gypsy King to perform one of their melodies.

Omar won many recognitions and international award for his work and musical achievements. He has performed internationally in most prestigious musical halls and often in the presence of notable figures.

Omar Bashir made various performances for charity. On the first Anniversary of the World Trade Centre by invited by the US government and The Institute of Arab Music he took part in a fundraising performance for the Iraqi Symphony Orchestra and Iraqi children.