Be initiated to Guzheng and traditional Chinese culture.


• Initiation to Guzheng (for beginners).
• Group mastery of Guzheng and work on various styles of music (for initiates in Guzheng).
• History of traditional Chinese music and its instruments: introduction to Chinese music theory, Guqin, Chinese drum, Chinese songs (in Chinese sheet music).


  • Be sensitized on Asian culture and/or philosophy
  • Bring your own Guzheng if possible
  • Also open for any other instrument
  • Patience and attention will be in force
  • A picture of the hands (top and palms)



A native of Wuhan, the cradle of traditional Chinese music, Sizzy Zhou started learning from the age of 6 years the Guzheng, this imposing plucked- stringed zither that dates back more than 4,000 years.

At only 13 years old, she won the certificate of excellence at the highest level of the conservatory. At 17, she was the first in her province to obtain a Beijing University award for her instrument. Sissy Zhou then won numerous competitions organized by the Chinese Academy of Music, the Chinese TV and the Chinese Government. It was this age that she also began teaching Guzheng. Many of her students in turn won the Gold Medal at the national competition.

After obtaining her license in China, Sissy ZHOU obtains the «Eiffel» scholarship from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thus she left for France to continue her studies in «Master of administration of cultural institutions» in Arles and Aix-en-Provence. During her studies, she gave concerts to promote and disseminate traditional Chinese music and culture.

After graduating, Sissy ZHOU went to the United States where she joined the “Alliance Française” while pursuing her concert career.

At the same time, she became Guzheng Professor for 2 semesters at the University of Florida. She also holds the position of Director of the Chinese Music Ensemble at the Faculty of Music of the University of Florida (2011 to 2012). She then decides to return to France where she performs at countless festivals of international renown. With her uncanny sensibility and mastery approaching excellence, this young singer-instrumentalist offers a unique dive into the kingdom of ancient great China.

She also gives courses and organizes workshops around Chinese music. Today, she teaches Guzheng for amateurs at the « Cité de la Musique » and for professionals at the International Institute of World Music.