Learn about the Sufi poetic and musical world of Iranian Kurdistan through the discovery and technique of the major Kurdish rhythms, related to the chant that marks this tradition, and through the practice of the Daf.


• Discovery and deepening of the main Kurdish rhythms related to chants, particularly used in the Ghaderiyeh brotherhood of Iranian Kurdistan (lineage of master Khalifeh-Mirza-Agha-Ghowssi).
• Work on different techniques and keystrokes.
• Work on poems by Hafez and Mowlana Rumi, accompanied by all dafs, in order to better understand the close link between rhythm and speech in this tradition.


That master class is open to percussionists of all levels, age from 15 years old.

Loan of instruments is not possible during the duration of the course, each trainee is therefore requested to come with his own Daf or to obtain one before the start of the courses.



Virtuoso of the Setar, long-necked lute, Shadi Fathi perpetuates the ancient heritage of classical Persian music with a long-time concert experience and a brilliant sense of improvisation. Disciple of the great master Dariush Talaï in Tehran, she also masters traditional stringed instruments such as the Tar or the Shourangiz and dazzles with her sensitivity on digital percussion such as the zarb or more particularly the daf, with a playing style following the tradition of the Ghâderiyeh of Iranian Kurdistan.

Based in France since 2002 and returning regularly to Iran, she is an artist who celebrates a musicality rich with European and Mediterranean aesthetics,  collaborating frequently on disc and on stage and nourishing her imagination with the language of the Persian poet Hafez or that of the contemporary Argentinian Roberto Juarroz as much as with the writings of the Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami or those of the French painter Henri Matisse. With these tutelary inspirations, she weaves a tenuous thread which lays bare beauty with a stroke, a word, a look or a note, and contains in infinite detail the power of universality. Her music navigates those living sources  that, according to Sufi poetry.