This project is an initiation workshop in traditional Tuareg musical instruments (Tendé, Inzad and Tuareg Acoustic Guitar). More specifically, this project aims to introduce learners to Niger’s traditional instruments.


During the two days of introduction in theory and practice, beneficiaries will be trained in following modules:

  • Module 1: Know the instrument
  • Module 2: Composition of the instrument
  • Module 3: Playing the Instrument


Presentation of the Tendé instrument

The Tendé, as its name suggests in Tamasheq, is a utilitarian object, a traditional mortar made by craftsmen to cope with the need to grind grain. It is this object whose orifice is covered with a tanned skin. It is played during ceremonies in Tuareg environment. Ancestral and unifying music of nomadic peoples, the Tendé is played for entertainment but also serves to strengthen cohesion between populations during reunions, weddings or baptisms. The manufacture of this traditional instrument is done with objects used in the household.  It is this object whose orifice is covered with a tanned skin. Then, we put on each side, large sticks on which we sit after having attached and connected it well.

Presentation of the Inzad instrument

The Imzad, Amzad, Inzad, or Anzad is a traditional monochord vielle of Berber music, especially of the Tuaregs, nomads of the Sahara. It is made and practiced exclusively by women. The Imzad is mentioned in Charles de Foucauld’s Tuareg-French dictionary as “the favorite musical instrument, noble, elegant par excellence”; it is the one who has all the preferences, which one sings in the verses, after whom one sighs when someone is far from the country, of which it is like the symbol and of which it recalls all the sweetness; the Imzad is the usual companion of the elegant Ahal; it is played to honor guests; playing the Imzad well, is a rare and sought-after quality in a woman, “the perfection of distinction and elegance … “. It is traditionally played seated, by women who accompany in music the poems and songs of the men, with the evocation of warrior honor, courtly love, and nomadism in the case of the Tuaregs. The Imzad is played with a bow and has only one horsehair rope.

Presentation Tuareg Acoustic Guitar

The Tuareg guitar defends the culture of the Kel Tamasheq, “those who speak Tamasheq”, the Tuareg language spoken………………….Bibi Ahmed is a Nigerian singer of origin from Agadez in northern Niger. In an authentic concern to explore their respective musical universes, they deliver us a unique mix of rock, blues, folk and Tuareg tradition, amplified by electric guitars with psychedelic accents that make it incomparable. At the crossroads of current and traditional music, a hypnotic blues as an antithesis of formatted “world music”.





Singer-songwriter and trainer in musical instruments. Ambassador of Nigerien Tuareg music. Messenger of peace of the Sultan of AÏR.