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What his training offers first of all, is to discover the basic concepts of the music of India: system of the North, the Hindustani music, and that of the South, the Carnatic music, concept of Raga (melodic universe) and Tala (rhythmic universe, cycles).

Then to approach through vocal and instrumental practice the strategies of variations and singular improvisations to Hindustani music, the art of building a prelude (alap, jor, jhala), how to decorate a composition (gat, bandish) and then improvise around it in a given rhythmic cycle, how to enrich his improvised discourse with syncopated rhythmic elements (layakari), and conclusive rhythmic structures (tihai),  how to integrate all these elements into one’s own vocabulary as an improviser or composer.

It also offers a reflection on the teaching of oral tradition and its pedagogical qualities, and a sharing of experience with the trainer, musician inspired by the learning of a double culture, Western and contemporary classical music, Western contemporary improvisation / Classical music of North India.


The training is aimed at all musicians, artists, teachers of professional level or students at the end of their studies, whatever their instrument, and their training (classical, baroque, jazz, traditional, current music, …), all ages combined.

Musicians bring their musical instrument (applications will be considered).



Bansuri flutes, flutes, octo-bass

One of the great Western specialists of the bansuri flute, Henri Tournier is one of those musicians fascinated by the music of India, who have become, after a long career, the passionate ambassadors. He has been exploring for decades the possibilities of this instrument both in its context, that of the classical music of North India, as well as in that of world music and that of contemporary Western music.

It is Roger Bourdin, a legendary flute soloist of the traverse flute, who passed on to him his passion for improvisation, and it was improvisation that led him to Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. He followed his teaching, and became his assistant and then guest professor at the Rotterdam-Codarts Conservatory for more than twenty-seven years.

Henri Tournier has built his own language as an improviser and composer, under the prism of bansuri flutes and Western flutes. He multiplies musical experiences, meetings and recordings on the international scene. Professor for the class of Modal Improvisation and Music of India at the Conservatoire National de Musique de Paris CNSMDP from 2016 to 2022, solo musician very invested in transmission, his artistic development is part of contexts where his sharing of experience takes a decisive place.

Henri Tournier is the author of the reference work “Hariprasad Chaurasia & the Art of Improvisation” book-2 CDs, a publication Accords-Croisés/Rotterdam-Codarts.



Breaths of the World: Raga Shri


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