Train in the traditional language of Tango


Repertoire: The course will have as support scores that represent the three genres of traditional tango, namely TANGO, MILONGA and VALS.

Arrangements: Adapted to the different levels of the participants, arrangements for solo and ensembles from 2, 3 to 4 guitars will be provided.

Interpretation of arrangements: implementation of the various technical elements specific to the tango guitar, resulting from the oral tradition, namely: MARCATO, SINCOPA, ARRASTRE, BORDONEO, ARPEGIOS and FRASEO.

– Improvisation: Starting from a chord grid and a simply written melody, part of the course will be dedicated to the spontaneous interpretation of the great classics of tango, what we call playing “a la parrilla”, taking into account the technical elements mentioned above, plus the harmonic development: voicings, inversions, chord substitutions and re-harmonization


  • This training is intent for professional and amateurs guitarists, coming from different musical backgrounds (classical, jazz…) wishing to discover the traditional language of Tango.
  • A minimum level of 5 years of practice is required.
  • Be able to decipher a written score or follow a chord grid.



Born in 1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Diego Trosman started his classical guitar studies in 1987, then in 1991 he joined « the Avellaneda school of popular music » (Buenos Aires), where he studied tango, folklore and jazz and graduated in 1996 as an instrumentalist for popular music.

In 1998 he settled in France and devotes his musical activity exclusively to Tango, and continues his training with the maestro Ciro Perez, living legend of the tango. Recognized in Europe as an artist in the field, Diego Trosman travels the stages of tango festivals and world music, especially within the duo « Trosman-Maguna ».

He also lends his guitar for discographic productions such as: «A mis dos Homeros» avec Emma Milan (Long Distance  2002, prix de l’académie Charles Cros) , « Piove en San telmo » avec Juan Cedron (Harmonia Mundi 2004) ,« Corazon y Hueso » avec Melingo (World Village 2011) et « Anclao en Paris » avec Nahuel di Pierro (Audax Records 2019).

While developing for more than twenty years a pedagogical activity in parallel, Diego has supervised training courses specializing in tango and Argentinian folklore, directs an “orchestra school for guitars” in Paris and in 2015 publishes with Henri Lemoine his “Tango method” for guitar, broadcast in France and other French-speaking countries