• Choro is a popular Brazilian instrumental music, that has been developing in Brazil since the 19th century.
  • We offer an introduction to this musical genre in the form of group practice. Work on a repertoire of 5 pieces, instrumental and songs, of easy level and varied rhythms: maxixe, choro sambado, choro varandão. Trainees will learn interpretation, variation, accompaniment, phrasing. The pieces will be transmitted mainly on score, a part will be transmitted orally.


  • Module opens to instrumentalists and singers
  • Know how to form and chain chords on the guitar, being autonomous on a melody.



CRISTIANO NASCIMENTO, 7-string guitar, trombone, viola nordestine.
Cristiano is an inspired 7-string guitarist, composer and arranger. His music is nourished by  choro,  samba,  forró, but also by  candomblé  and the sounds of the composer­ and multi-instrumentalist  Hermeto  Pascoal. Trained at the Villa  Lobos music school  (Rio de Janeiro), it is from roda de samba to roda de  choro  that Cristiano forged the sound of his guitar and his musical personality. From 1999 to 2004, he joined the Itiberê  Orquestra  Família. His works are now published by Éditions d’Oz. He has accompanied stars of Brazilian songs such as ­Dona  Ivone  Lara, Wilson Moreira,  Teca  Calazans,  Fabiana  Cozza,  Hermeto  Pascoal,  Armandinho…

CLAIRE LUZI, mandolin, voice, melodica, accordion, percussion.
Claire studied at the Conservatory of Aix-en-Provence classical piano and in same time the popular Corsican mandolin with her great-uncle Charles Luzi. She has explored various­ artistic paths: musician speaker (DUMI),  choir director, singer and author. Claire has also performed with the Opéra National de Montpellier and participated in the Global Mandolin Orchestra Project. In 2004 her passion for Brazilian syncopes brought her straight to Rio to perfect her playing. There, she studied with Pedro  Amorim  at the Escola  Portátil  de  Música  in Rio de Janeiro, with Marco César in Recife.