Here we go for a travel through Corsican polyphony or rather Corsican polyphonies. A true immersion into the chant and its languages, whether profane and sacred, a resonance of people, their land and their history to better serve our present. A history of vibration, that of the Mediterranean, that of the Mare Nostrum…


  • Link between vocal timbres, social aspect, geography of sounds and places as well as the unity in the polyphonic matrix.
  • Work on the chant’s anchorage and verticality.
  • Develop her/his scenic presence.
  • Explore the different universes of the sacred world.


  • A Paghjella, agro-pastoral and social chant, its different geographical tunes (u versu).
  • U Madrigale, song of court and love.
  • U Terzettu, poetic form typical of the Corsican center.
  • Sacred songs of the Corsican brotherhoods tradition from the Nebbiu and Cap Corse region dedicated to Holy Week: l’Orme Sanguine, Suda Sangue, Perdono mio Dio , Lode di u Sepolcro, Stabat Mater…
  • Sacred songs of the liturgical tradition around the world of the living and the dead: Kyrie, Agnus dei, In Paradisum, De Profundis …



It is in the Nebbio region and more specifically in the village of Patrimoniu at the foot of the steep cliffs of the Corsican Cap, that André Dominici was born and lives. Bathed and rocked in singing from an early age, it was in adolescence, carried by sacred songs and the humans, that he naturally integrated the spirit of brotherhoods, true matrices and conservatories of sacred songs for centuries in Corsica, to never to leave it again. Driven by years in the service of “A Cunfraternita San Martinu di Patrimoniu”, he decided 17 years ago with three friends also singers from his region, to create a vocal ensemble dedicated to traditional singing but especially to contemporary creation by the name of Barbara Furtuna.

Always with the desire to acquire new skills, he obtains in 2004 a “license of conduct of ensemble of traditional Corsican music” within the Pascal Paoli University of Corte. Today the time for transmission has come. With more than 1000 concerts on all continents, numerous artistic and human collaborations as well as the notoriety that Barbara Furtuna is now known for…. André Dominici invites you to put all his knowledge and experience at the service of learning the Corsican polyphonic singing of course, but also vocal coaching, harmonization of voices, search for identity and its timbre and beyond, to work on your stage presence.