At the beginning, we start listening…
Incredible voices, wonderful musicians, virtuoso ensembles.
Discoveries, revelations, delights….

Welcome to the IIWM concerts
Listen, this is for you, this is for everyone.
Listen to the amazing profusion of world music, with its major artists, living legends.
5 continents, 5 oceans, hundreds of learned, popular, living, vibrating traditions…
You have never felt so much humanity in music.
You have never heard so new ancient sounds.
You have never seen so near faraway places.
Back from a concert by the IIWM, we feel really different.
Spirit without frontiers, heart getting bigger.

Let’s sail away !


 Saturday February 18th |5.30 PM
Cité des Associations | MARSEILLE

Saturday April 8th | 8.30 PM
Théâtre Comoedia | AUBAGNE

Saturday July 1st | AUBAGNE

Friday July 21st | 8.30 PM
Espace des Libertés | AUBAGNE